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Kenyan Male – Managing Director
Kenyan Male – VP Supply Chain
Ghanaian Male – Executive Director
South African EE Female – Senior Clinical Specialist
South African EE Male – Chief Technology Officer

eCommerce & Retail
South African EE Male – Chief Operations Officer
Kenyan Female – Chief Technology Officer
Kenyan Female – Chief Financial Officer
South African EE Female – Chief Executive Officer

Supply Chain & Logistics
South African EE Male – Business Development Director
Nigerian Male – Managing Director
Nigerian Male – Chief Commercial Analyst
South African EE Male – Chief People Officer

 Information Technology
Nigerian Male – Senior Software Developer
South African EE Male – Southern Africa Executive
Nigerian Male – Senior Software Developer

Consumer Goods
South African Male  – Chief Financial Officer
South African Female – Head of Product
South African EE Male – Country Operations Manager
South African EE Female – HR Director

Management Consulting
South African EE Male – Supply Chain Specialist
Zimbabwean Female – Chief Financial Officer

Financial Services
Rwandan Male – Head of Retail Banking
Kenyan Female – Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation
Kenyan Male – Product Head
Ghanaian Female – Head SMEs
Zambian Male – Senior Financial Analyst

South African EE Female – Chief Financial Officer – Human Capital
South African EE Female – Head of Employee Relations – Aviation
Nigerian Female – Business Development Executive  – Hospitality
Zimbabwean Male – Regional Supply Chain Specialist – Non-Profit Management

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