CEO – Health Tech – Sub Saharan Africa
CEO – Non-Profit – Johannesburg
COO – Logistics – Nairobi
COO – Insurance – Johannesburg
CFO – Supply Chain – Nairobi
Principal – Consulting – Lagos
Head of Strategy – Beverages – Addis Ababa
Chief Commercial Officer – Beverages – Dar es Salaam
Supply Chain Executive – FMCG – Lusaka

CMO – Food & Beverages – Nairobi
Chief Information Officer – Insurance – Accra
CCO – Pharmaceutical – Nairobi
Sales Director– Fintech – Johannesburg
Senior Audit Managers – Professional Services – Johannesburg/Cape Town/Durban
L&D Executive – Retail – Cape Town
CEO – Non-profit – Sub Saharan Africa

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CEO Sub-Saharan Africa role for NPO

We are looking for a strong CEO to lead a large non-profit organization that is truly making a difference on the African continent.

The African Resource Center (ARC) is a South African registered non-profit organization with offices in South Africa, Senegal and Kenya, with a presence across 12 countries in Africa.

Established with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), ARC follows a government-led and patient-centric approach.  ARC supports African countries in building effective health supply chain systems and improving availability of medicines by:

  • Connecting stakeholders in the health supply system with each other and with lessons learnt from other countries.
  • Complementing transformation initiatives by bringing new ideas and approaches to supply chains.
  • Collaborating on large-scale transformation initiatives through cross-sector partnerships.

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