Business Day Wanted: Homecoming Revolution CEO Angel Jones on the organisation’s journey

WANTED, Business Day’s award-winning lifestyle and culture magazine, spoke to our CEO Angel Jones on the journey that led to Homecoming Revolution’s inception, expansion, and success.  Picture this: Nelson Mandela addressing a crowd of South Africa expatriates in Trafalgar Square from the balcony of South Africa House, and in that crowd, a highflying ad executive: Angel […]

South Africans return from abroad

South Africans are not returning in droves from living abroad, nor are returning emigrants necessarily bringing with them the type of intellectual and financial capital that the country needs. This is the contrary view of some immigration specialists following the release of a report last week by recruitment firm Adcorp estimating that 359000 South Africans […]

The exposure to engineering software in the United States greatly facilitates my work in Senegal as an engineer

I was hired via Linkedin by a foreign firm to execute some preliminary cost engineering work on construction projects. My professional experience is in construction, engineering, estimating and project planning. I am originally from Senegal West Africa but I currently live in Atlanta Ga. My whole career was established in Atlanta Ga as I came […]