Goodbye New Zealand. Hello Home.

Story from The Diedericks Adventure Diary. Well, let’s get to it and just drop this bomb while it’s hot. WE ARE COMING HOME. (and no not with our tails between our legs either) Surprised? Shocked? In horror? I’m sure many of you will feel or think many different things depending on your relationship with us or […]

OPINION: The SA emotional rollercoaster

Mandy Wiener says South Africans experience the full spectrum of emotions on an almost daily basis. This country makes us so angry sometimes. Like throw things against the wall angry. At the top of the long list of things to be angry about is e-tolls and the rage was almost tangible when Deputy President Cyril […]

A South African love story

I fell in love at the age of 43. Not that responsible love which I know, or that infatuated love which I also know. But I fell in love in that real love way. When you can see someone for who they are – flaws and virtues – and love them anyway. Real love is […]

Africa’s sons & daughters

Homecoming Revolution is featured in the December edition of Sawubona Magazine: The African Homecoming Revolution believes Africa deserves to get its skills back and is calling Africans home from the diaspora to become part of the dawning of the continent. Grab yourself a copy when travelling with SAA, or you can read the article here.