Pan-Africans gather to send message to diaspora

Top Pan-Africans from across the continent have appealed to the African diaspora to return home and contribute their skills and knowledge towards the growth and development of the continent. Several Pan-African movers and shakers gathered at Homecoming Revolution’s ‘Relationships are Gold’ Networking Breakfast at the Hyatt Hotel, Rosebank on 19 August. From dignitaries to chief […]

Africa’s leaders emphasise need to retain the continent’s top talent

Africa’s leaders have this week emphasised the need to retain the continent’s top talent. This week, Senegal is hosting the inaugural Next Einstein Forum (NEF). The gathering brings together the continent’s top thinkers in policy, industry, science, and civil society who are meeting to discuss the future of African talent & how to effectively combat the […]

How Angel Jones’ Homecoming Revolution is helping Africans abroad return home

You may be living the highlife in London or Perth, earning a fortune with the world at your fingertips, but where do you feel really alive? A sense of purpose and belonging… Family and friends… The outdoor lifestyle… Making a difference… There are many reasons why South Africans abroad are returning. The Money Show’s Bruce […]

‘I always wanted to find a way to showcase a reimagined Africa to the world’

Nigerian-born and US-educated, Alex Okosi is responsible for driving the growth and development of Viacom International Media Networks’ Africa portfolio of iconic kids, youth, music, comedy and general entertainment brands on the African continent. He tells Homecoming Revolution why he decided to return back to the continent after spending a number of years abroad. I […]

Homecoming Revolution Insights Report 2015

Homecoming Revolution, the brain gain company for Africa, undertook a study from February – August 2015 to better understand African repatriation and immigration patterns. The online survey examines a broad range of issues including the core reasons why people move abroad, the key trigger factors that encourage people to return home, what people miss most […]

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