Kampala welcomed me with open arms

Stacey Mwesezi is a Ugandan repatriate who relocated to Kampala in 2015. She speaks about the ups and downs of her move and how it feels to be a repat in Uganda. Born and raised in London, I’d never imagined living anywhere else —until I graduated from University and joined the working world! The rising […]

‘I have learnt to prize flexibility’

Anne Jason, the executive sourcing leader for Sub-Saharan Africa in GE Global Operations, spent 13 years living and working away from home before returning to Kenya. She worked in consulting in the United States and South Africa, with experience in Europe and Asia. Despite her global career, Anne began to feel the call of home. […]

‘Cubicle life wasn’t for me’

Umra Omar, 33, left a career in the United States to help those without any access to healthcare in her homeland of Kenya. Border areas targeted by the terrorist group al-Shabaab have caused aid groups to leave the region. But despite the insecurity, she founded Safari Doctors in 2014 providing free basic medical services, including immunizations, maternal […]

Why Creativity is Crucial

“It’s all about Unboxed Thinking,” says Faye Tessendorf, Director at Homecoming Revolution.

Creativity will be one of the top 3 skills required by 2020. With the avalanche of new products, new technologies and new ways of working, professionals are going to have to become more creative in order to benefit from these changes.

Goodbye New Zealand. Hello Home.

Story from The Diedericks Adventure Diary. Well, let’s get to it and just drop this bomb while it’s hot. WE ARE COMING HOME. (and no not with our tails between our legs either) Surprised? Shocked? In horror? I’m sure many of you will feel or think many different things depending on your relationship with us or […]

Brexit – Let this be a Lesson

Angel Jones weighs in on how Britain’s vote to leave the EU could impact Africans at home and abroad.  I woke up earlier than usual on Friday morning with a strange premonition. I immediately turned on the news and couldn’t believe my eyes to see that the UK Leave campaign was projected to win. The rest of […]

Homecoming Revolution Insights Report 2015

Homecoming Revolution, the brain gain company for Africa, undertook a study from February – August 2015 to better understand African repatriation and immigration patterns. The online survey examines a broad range of issues including the core reasons why people move abroad, the key trigger factors that encourage people to return home, what people miss most […]

Thabo Mbeki confirmed as VIP guest speaker for Speed Meet Jozi

Homecoming Revolution, the brain gain company for Africa, is delighted to announce former president Thabo Mbeki as VIP guest speaker for our Speed Meet Jozi event. Speed Meet Jozi, which takes place on 14 August at the Hilton Sandton, will bring many delegates together from South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and other countries within sub-Saharan Africa. […]

AAI in proud association with Homecoming Revolution’s Speed Meet Nyc

The Africa-America Institute is pleased to be associated with Homecoming Revolution, the Brain Gain company for Africa, on their upcoming Speed Meet New York event which matches top African professionals with employers operating on the African continent. The event will be held on 25 September at the Thomson Reuters Building in Times Square in New […]

‘There are endless possibilities of how we can make an impact on Africa’

“With some of the world’s fastest growing economies, the continent offers Africans in the Diaspora tremendous opportunities,”says Amini Kajunju, President & CEO of the Africa-America Institute (AAI). The AAI was founded more than 60 years ago to strengthen Africa’s human capital by enabling bright and talented Africans to earn higher education degrees in the US. Kajunju says […]

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