Johannesburg 2016

19th August 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Rosebank.

Several Pan-African movers and shakers gathered at Homecoming Revolution’s ‘Relationships are Gold’ Networking Breakfast at the Hyatt Hotel, Rosebank on 19 August.

These top Pan-Africans appealed to the African diaspora to return home and contribute their skills and knowledge towards the growth and development of the continent.

A few words from our VIP Guests:

“I basically wanted to tell my kids in 15 years that when Africa was rising, I was a part of it” – Christian Nyaundi, Management Consultant, Deloitte

“We need skills. We need expatriates to come back home and support these plans for Africa’s economic expansion.” – Benson Mwesigwa, Senior Manager of High Growth Markets, KPMG

“If you want to be on the cutting edge, of  influencing world culture, then I’d recommend coming back home.” – Akan Nelson, Founder and CEO, Evolve Initiative

“I think, for me, it is important to remember that Africa is for the young people. We need to give them the opportunities and make sure that we do things differently. We need to allow them young thoughts, minds, and inspiration to make sure that they can break through and do things differently.” – Sarah-Anne Orphanides, MD, Entyce Beverages

“Being on this continent offers me the opportunity to be a storyteller. What I would like to say to the people in the diaspora is that if you want to see change happening back home, come back to the continent.” – Moliehi Molekoa, Business Unit Head for Africa, Magna Carta

“A big challenge we face in Africa is a shortage of human capital. We need to collaborate and empower Africans, especially the youth, to develop crucial skills and provide the human capital we need to develop Africa.” – Richard Akwei, Executive Director, Musa Capital Advisors Limited

“I am a Homecomer; I spent eight years living the UK. My opinion is that it is happening in Africa. We have diversity, we have talent, let’s just bring it home. We can’t do the same things Europe and the US have been doing. We need to have different goals.” – Lisa Mann, HR Director for sub-Saharan Africa, Visa

“I returned to South African 10 years ago because I truly believe that the grass is greener on this side” – Simone Vorster, Human Resources Operations and Strategy Manager: Africa, Thomson Reuters

“Why should people come back to Africa? I think Bob Diamond said it best, working on the continent allows you to do well and to do good at the same time. And I think, in reality, this is where the magic happens.” – Ronak Gopaldas, Head of Country Risk, Rand Merchant Bank

“Talent is one of the challenges that we face. Talent is a great challenge in an insurance industry that is at a nascent stage. To have talent that has been exposed to more mature markets is what we’re looking for. Africans living in the diaspora would be ideal candidates for our business” – Innocent Dutiro, CEO, MMI Holdings Africa

“You’re missing out if you aren’t on the continent right now” – Acha Leke, Senior Partner, McKinsey and Company

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