Johannesburg 2014

22nd August 2014 at the Hilton Hotel, Sandton, Johannesburg.

The event was attended by 100 Pan-African professionals guests comprising of highly skilled Kenyans, Nigerians, Ghanaians & Ugandans wanting to return home.



100 guests in attendance comprising of highly skilled Kenyans, Nigerians, Ghanaians & Ugandans wanting to return home.


Sit-down breakfast at the Hilton Hotel for Employer Branding Presentations. This was followed by the Speed-Dating sessions.


KPMG Africa, Old Mutual, Barclays, Microsoft, Safaricom, Centum, Allan Gray, Group Five, Engen, Roche, Dalberg & Pam Golding.

Industry Representation of Professionals

Years Experience of Diaspora Professionals


A few words from the employers:

“Thank you once again for an absolutely superb event last week.” – KPMG

“We have seen two or three quality candidates that might fit some of our projects in Ghana. For the rest, an awesome event and it was great being there.” – Group Five

“We have arrived safely in Nairobi and thank you for the good event. We would like to progress with 4 candidates.” – Safaricom

“Thanks again for a great morning – a really well-organized event that we are looking to see grow year on year.” – Microsoft

“The event was a great opportunity to us as Roche. It is a platform to share our employer brand, career development and employment opportunities for the African talent!”  Roche

“We will be pursuing further conversations with 12 candidates we met.” – Allan Gray

A few words from the professionals:

“I wanted to thank you for having me at your event. I feel that it was a success and I had the opportunity to meet with interesting companies and other professionals.

“I believe that events like yours are integral to the development of the African continent.”

“Thank you for inviting me for this event. I really enjoyed meeting the potential employers in a more relaxed yet focused setting. I’m optimistic about potential opportunities and excited to see what happens next.”

“The event was awesome. It was really a good time for me to think of getting back home and becoming more useful to my country & my people. I truly networked during the event and I hope all work out well for me at the end. Thanks once again.”

“Thanks again for choosing me as a candidate to Friday’s Homecoming event. I found it most rewarding.”

“I wanted to thank for your invitation me to the homecoming event. It was a great opportunity to meet and network with likeminded professionals. Many thanks again for your efforts and those of your team.”

“I joined, it was a great session. This is a great initiative.”

Insight from some professionals at the event

“My dream is to have a successful career and have a positive impact on people and make a difference”

“I want to be back in my home country and influence change”

“I want to take skills home and have a positive impact.”

“I want to give back to my community”

“I am inspired by African people and their life changes”

“I am inspired by my creating great healthcare in my homeland.”


Event Programme: