Homecoming Revolution Insights Report 2015

Homecoming Revolution, the brain gain company for Africa, undertook a study from February – August 2015 to better understand African repatriation and immigration patterns. The online survey examines a broad range of issues including the core reasons why people move abroad, the key trigger factors that encourage people to return home, what people miss most […]

Thabo Mbeki’s Speed Meet Jozi Speech

REMARKS OF THE PATRON OF THE TMF, THABO MBEKI, AT THE “SPEED MEET AFRICA” HOMECOMING REVOLUTION: JOHANNESBURG, 14 AUGUST, 2015. Programme director, Leaders of the Homecoming Revolution, Distinguished participants: Our country and Continent owe Angel Jones and her colleagues a great debt of gratitude for the initiative they took to form and sustain our host […]

Thabo Mbeki throws weight behind Africa’s brain gain

Former president Thabo Mbeki has thrown his weight behind Africa’s brain gain, underlining its importance as a key step towards achieving the vision of an African renaissance. “Bringing Africa’s diaspora home is a critical part of achieving the vision of an African renaissance.  We are proud to be associated with Homecoming Revolution and share their […]

Why knee-jerk recruitment is a bad idea

When we look at the labour market, we see that the competition for talent has intensified, with recruiters finding it increasingly difficult to source quality candidates. These shrinking markets call into question whether the typical knee-jerk recruiting model is still relevant. Talent Acquisition Manager Artemis Elias says this position-by-position or methodology seems efficient when there […]

Madiba: Celebrating a life like no other

Father, husband, peacemaker, mentor and master, our beloved Madiba was many things to many people, and most of all- an inspirational leader. A few years before Nelson Mandela died, Homecoming Revolution commissioned different South African artists to create different portraits of Madiba to celebrate his remarkable life and achievements. It was Madiba himself who inspired […]

Madiba immortalised through art

Artist: Aleta Michaletos Title: ‘God Bless Madiba’ Artist: Minky Stapleton Title: Madiba we love you Artist: Minky Stapleton Title: Madiba Barbershop Artist: Peter Sibanda Title: Nelson Mandela`s image. Artist: Lorne Schnugh Title: Nelson Mandela Artist: Alex Latimer Title: Nelson Mandela Artist: Liesel Tiemesmann Title: Mandela Artist: Peter Sibanda Title: Nobel peace prize moment Artist: Tay […]

#HeartAfrica pulls emotional strings

The below article on Homecoming Revolution’s exciting #heartAfrica campaign was posted on Brand South Africa’s Media Club South Africa website  Africans who have lived abroad are not only returning to the continent because they miss their family and friends. Some, like Kenyan Hazel Ojany, give more reasons for coming home. Ojany came back because she believes […]

Oxford Africa Conference reinforces Africa rising narrative

Africa is the second fastest growing region in the world. There are 465 companies in Africa each generating over $1billion in revenue per year. Technology is breaking down borders on the continent. There are numerous innovative tech start-ups offering pioneering solutions to healthcare, education, and business challenges. These are just some of the insights from […]

Homecoming Revolution partners with Oxford University

Homecoming Revolution has partnered with Oxford University on the Oxford Africa Conference 2015. Organised by the long-established Oxford Africa Society in joint collaboration with the Oxford Africa Business Network, the conference is one of the largest and most globally recognised African conferences of its type. This year’s conference focuses on Africa as “A Continent on […]

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