10 things to know before returning to Nigeria

Tejumade Haastrup’s move back home to Nigeria from South Africa in 2017 was more accidental than intentional. She recounts her homecomer story. I’d planned to return home for four weeks to enjoy some quality time with my family whom I don’t see very often and to renew my visa but things didn’t go quite as […]

‘I always knew I would one day return’

South African-born chef Jan-Hendrik van der Westhuizen of Michelin-starred restaurant JAN in Nice, France, has become known as the country’s first chef to be awarded a Michelin star. Now, he’s announced plans to open a restaurant in his home country by 2020. I’m a farm boy, born and raised, so I always knew I would one […]

‘It was always my plan to move back’

Obinna Okwodu, Founder and CEO of Fibre, returned to Lagos in 2015. He speaks about why he returned home and some of the advantages and disadvantages of returning. I was born in the United States but moved back long ago and grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. My early education took place here as well, at […]

Moving back home is like a startup venture

Njambi Mungai returned to Kenya in January 2012. She speaks about why she decided to make the big move and provides an honest account of her life since returning six years ago.  Where did you live abroad and how long? I lived in Helsinki, Finland since 2006 when I started my undergrad at the Helsinki […]

9 things Nigerians miss most when abroad

There are countless things Nigerians miss about their homeland after moving abroad. We outline 9 things Nigerians miss most while in the diaspora. Being able to attend Owambe parties Nigerians have perfected the art of throwing great parties, with an abundance of food, laughter, drinks, music and dancing. No weekend goes by without someone celebrating […]

‘My Tokunbor Experience’

Nigerian Born and England Raised Mariam Tijani’s returned to Nigeria in 2015. She recounts her experiences of being an ‘IJGB’ or ‘Just Got Back’ in Nigeria. “The Tokunbor Experience” – You may be wondering what is it? In my native Nigerian language, Yoruba “Tokunbo” means someone returning through the Sea “Ti Okun Bo”. (The word […]

7 things to know before returning to Ghana

From the United States of America to the Queensland to the land down under, in the past decade more Ghanaians have repatriated than ever in history. Though many still pursue the American dream and desire to move abroad for various reasons, many who have tasted the other side seek to join the “moving back” train […]

 “My gut was telling me to return home”

Analytical chemist Anthony Gachanja returned to Kenya with a mission to bring chemistry and equipment to scientists. The sixth of seven children in his family, Anthony Gachanja spent his childhood in rural Kenya working on his parents’ farm and attending a small, basic local school. It was here he became captivated by chemistry. “I just […]

I choose home

I have just returned, to the place I call home, SOUTH AFRICA after living in a van and traveling halfway around Australia alone. It was absolutely liberating. I learnt things that far surpassed my expectations and met beautiful strangers who taught me some of life’s craziest lessons. It’s been a strange feeling coming home. People […]

Why this Ivy League graduate returned to Ghana

A former London investment banker on a Ghanaian pineapple farm seems like a fish out of water. But for Jerry Parkes, leaving his finance career was part of a plan to return home and expand agriculture in Africa. Parkes co-founded Injaro, a private equity fund that invests in agricultural businesses in West Africa such as […]

Does your heart beat to an African drum?

The below post was written by South African returnee Roxanne Grey who returned home after 10 years in the United Kingdom. If you have ever been on vacation to Africa or if this is where you once lived you will know what I mean… Africa creeps into our hearts and once in, will never leave. […]

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