I have no regrets following my return to Ghana

I have no regrets for coming back to Ghana after some 12 years abroad, studying to acquire a few advanced degrees and working unthinkable hours to boost the bottom line of supermarkets and factories.  I have no regrets for doing odd jobs in very cold temperatures while my degrees rotted away in dirty drawers in […]

The MIT grad building Nigeria’s first STEM campus

Most graduates of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston have their choice of six-figure-salary jobs after graduation. But for one graduate, a different calling has meant he’s sacrificed a comfortable life and taken a big risk to follow his dream: to open Africa’s first STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) campus in Nigeria. […]

The repat wanting to bring Ethiopian food to the world

Thirty-year-old chef Yohanis Gebreyesus Hailemariam is one of thousands of talented young Ethiopians who have chosen to return to their homeland after being educated or growing up overseas. His dream is to show the world the glories of Ethiopian cuisine, to preserve its rich traditions and to make even his poorest fellow citizens eat better. […]

A homecomer’s guide to returning to Nigeria

Sisters Sonume Princewill Nnanna and Deinte Dan-Princewill returned to Nigeria after living in the United States for over 15 years.  They have compiled a useful and humourous guide for Nigerians in the diaspora considering returning home on how to return home and enjoy it.  1. FOCUS ON THE THINGS YOU CAN CONTROL There are so […]

My May 25th Love Story!

Below is an Africa Day poem written by homecomer J van Reenen on his love for South Africa and Africa. You drew me close then catapulted me away with a broken heart and a free spirit all the way across the ocean to NZ. I wanted to go to school and see the world!! And […]

‘There’s a lot to digest when returning’

Prudence Ukwishatse is an African development expert and professional, who has recently returned to Kenya to pursue a career in governance, leadership and youth development. I’m Rwandan by birth, Kenyan by association and American by choice. I moved to Kenya when I was one years old from Rwanda and lived in Kericho (Western Kenya) and […]

9 things no one told me before moving back to Kenya

Kenyan homecomer Njambi Mungai speaks about the 9 things nobody told her before returning to Kenya, offering potential homecomers some valuable advice on what they should know before returning. Her real, honest and funny account looks at the huge adjustment associated with returning. Dear Diasporan, You have finally taken that step of courage and decided […]

‘Life in Ghana has led to unique experiences’

Since moving back to Ghana in 2012 from Virginia in the US, Emmanuel Gamor has worked for Google, YouTube and Nestle, which all have offices in Accra. He’s currently on the Faculty for Entrepreneurial Leadership at the African Leadership Union. He says a key motivator for his return was greater career opportunities for him in Ghana. […]

‘Cubicle life wasn’t for me’

Umra Omar, 33, left a career in the United States to help those without any access to healthcare in her homeland of Kenya. Border areas targeted by the terrorist group al-Shabaab have caused aid groups to leave the region. But despite the insecurity, she founded Safari Doctors in 2014 providing free basic medical services, including immunizations, maternal […]

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