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October 2019 - Don't miss our current Top Talent

Are you an employer currently seeking a specialist senior or business-critical hire? Our current top talent is full of top candidates from across Sub-Saharan Africa. Be sure to take a look below...

April 2019 - Insights on Africa's Retail Skills Shortage

The global consumer and retail sectors face significant and unprecedented challenges in today’s constantly evolving landscape. The importance of hiring and retaining the right senior talent therefore remains more critical to the industry’s success than ever before...

January 2019 - The 10 most in-demand skills of 2019

As technology continues to transform the world of work, the required skill set is evolving significantly. In the market for a new career? We’re working on several exciting roles across Sub-Saharan Africa so make sure we've got your CV....

December 2018 - Are you ready to switch off?

In the age of technology, we constantly find ourselves “switched on”. But, a report by the Harvard Business Review says failing to switch off during a holiday can erode company culture. If you’re an Employer, make sure you take...

October 2018 - 5 reasons why candidate reject job offers

A growing number of highly skilled candidates are rejecting job offers from top companies across the globe. Read more for the Top 5 Reasons why. We’ve just returned from London after hosting an inspirational event with the The Foschini Group...

July 2018 - You can’t afford to ignore this talent

If you’re an employer that’s battling to fill critical skill vacancies, you need to work with a headhunting firm that uses “high-touch” and not just “high-tech”. In an age of artificial intelligence and automation...

May 2018 - Who’s out there?

Before you make any hiring decisions, aren’t you curious to know what African talent is sitting outside of the country? We’re sitting on a pile of globally based African talent that wants to return home.

March 2018 - Our network WILL work for you

The value of a strong network can’t be underestimated when it comes to headhunting top talent. With a network of over 37 000 Africans across the globe, we’ve built up relationships with skilled African professionals, corporates, global diaspora groups and

February 2018 - Ramaphosa endorses Homecoming Revolution

Congratulations to Cyril Ramaphosa as South Africa’s new President. We proudly remember when he endorsed our company in Parliament in 2015. Africa is now at the forefront of fintech with 57.6% of the world’s 174 million active registered mobile money...

November 2017 - Checking out? Check this:

When recruiting for a role that requires team leadership, business development and strategic innovation, it’s highly recommended that you choose the right candidate versus the cheapest. Very often, these quality candidates are those with global experience.

September 2017 - We need to get personal

It matters when it comes to finding the right career. And it matters when it comes to building relationships.At Homecoming Revolution, it is our personal mission to ensure that we align a candidate’s personal brand with the employer brand.

August 2017 - Take a peek at this month’s talent hot list

It’s been an exciting and busy August. We’ve been interacting with some strong African talent across the globe this month. We hosted an exclusive event for PepsiCo in London, received some great PR, and made many top senior placements.

July 2017 - Career Opportunities a click away

We have several top roles that we’re headhunting across the continent. A reminder to all employers, we are currently connecting with some truly awesome talent with an exceptional combination of local and international exposure.

June 2017 - Headhunting. What makes us different?

What makes us different? Unrivalled Network & Relationships. Creative Search Process. Focus on Diversity. Employer Branding Expertise. Candidate Catalogues. Bespoke Global Events. (Whew). There are two great events coming up...

May 2017 - The grass is greener where there is more manure

“Greener grass” was a key conversation topic at the Oxford University Africa Conference. Read more about it below and have a look at some of the other exciting events we attended this month. If you’re a candidate wanting that...

April 2017 - Say It To My Face

We’re the recruitment firm for global Africans In an increasingly competitive talent landscape, the value of face-to-face candidate interactions cannot be underestimated. That’s why it makes sense for employers to participate in our series of bespoke employer events in London

February 2017 - Curious about Harvard?

We have just returned from the Harvard Africa Conference where it was encouraging to see a resounding commitment from top African talent to return home.

January 2017 - Make the Circle Bigger

It's been an exciting start to the year with our ever-widening circle of top African professionals who want to return home. There's a special magic when you connect face-to-face with top candidates in an inspirational and stimulating setting. So we're thrilled

November 2016 - Do the Job to Get the Job

It's been a busy month of successful recruitment and pan-African networking. With the unpredictability of the African working environment, read further about the importance of "work simulations" in predicting work performance. Homecoming Revolution's story was featured at TEDx Johannesburg

October 2016 - Do it on Purpose

Wherever you are in the world, please do a special rain dance for the drought affecting many parts of our beloved continent. Pray that our big African skies open up and pour down! This month we’re excited to bring you

September 2016 - Why Creativity is Crucial

Did you know that “creativity” is one of the top skills needed in the future? As a recruitment firm, we don’t just look for creative candidates, but we approach the whole search in a creative way. Read more...

August 2016 - Career insights from African homecomers

Interesting trends have emerged amongst the high-level executives we’ve placed in recent months. From Lusaka to Dakar to Nairobi, on why their careers flourished with a return to the continent. See 7 key insights...