Homecoming Revolution originated out of the advertising & marketing industry and has evolved into a specialist executive recruitment firm with a deep seated understanding of employer branding, market intelligence, digital marketing and talent attraction strategies.

By gaining a fundamental understanding of a client’s employer value proposition, we are able to weave together compelling messaging that encourages talent to join your company.

Unlike other recruitment and executive search companies, we don’t just engage with candidates around their career-path alone. Instead, we adopt a far more holistic approach focused on the emotional & functional benefits of finding a new home for your career. After all, research has shown: “People join companies for meaning, not just for money”.


Innovative Digital Marketing

We continually leverage our many social media platforms, e-shots, digital communities and paid search to create compelling attraction campaigns.


Employer Branding

We interrogate an employer’s unique benefits to ensure that we communicate not just the WHAT of the job,
but the WHY.


High Touch

Not just high tech. We form strong face-to-face relationships with our candidates to ensure we understand their holistic needs and best fit.


Inspirational Content

We bring unique insights to Content Marketing, as this plays a big role in attracting hard-to-engage professionals.