The comfort of home the culture of love & Ubuntu

homecoming-revolution-south-africa-heartafrica-1Kwesi Prah Dzapong, is a South African who initially moved to China to study and ended up working and residing there for about five years. Kwesi was in a state of constant culture shock during his stay in China from the food, the language that he learnt fluently and the ordinary day-to-day way activities that seemed strange and unfamiliar.

I chose to come back home not because I missed my family as much as that was a factor the unfamiliarity never left despite learning to maneuver around the city and learn the language the place never became home it lacked the comfort of home the culture of love and Ubuntu. But more so the revolution was coming and is still coming and I want to be there to witness it. The political climate was becoming interesting and revolutionary, but also opportunities were growing. Due to my qualifications being in Chinese history I felt the importance of coming back home and educating the people of South Africa on the Chinese imperialism we were witnessing. Moving back home was not easy considering that I had gotten used to the way of life in China, but more so I had a life a society or community base that I had created and one I had abandoned and needed to rebuild those dynamics made it hard to move aside from the typical logistical issues.  The reality is that  moving isn’t easy but my advice home will always be home and there are some experiences and feelings that can only be found at home and nowhere else so home will call you back one day.